Inmate Calling Solution and Problem

Relatives and friends use inmate calls to stay connected with their loved ones that are incarcerated; however, this isn’t always the most affordable. A recent article from the Tucson Sentinel in Arizona explains just that. Does it seem fair to you that families have to feel an additional burden of outrageous charges to simply keep in touch?

Families should not have to choose between life necessities and phone calls. Shayna Palles says that inmate phone calls are one of the only ways she can keep her two year-old daughter’s father in her life. According to the article, she says she was getting charged six dollars, in which she can save forty cents with a prepaid card, for a fifteen-minute phone call to him. This is because she has a non-local number, as many do. He is serving a seven and a half year sentence.

The phone charges can obviously add up, and this can cause it to be extremely expensive to communicate through inmate telephone services. This is especially true when in circumstances like Shayna, with a 2 year-old infant. Inmate calling does have an alternative to this situation though. It is possible to be connected through a local line and bypass the high fees by paying one monthly charge and GlobalTel is a company that does such. Inmate telephone calls should serve as an opportunity, and not a monetarily forced isolation. It is good to know that there is a more affordable and rational alternative out there that can keep relationships intact in times that are already hard enough to get through.