Corrections Deputy Caught Stealing From Inmates

Deputy Caught Stealing From Inmates

Deputy caught stealing from inmatesA former corrections officer has been caught stealing money from inmates as they went through the booking process. Allan Cooker would steal the cash from inmates no matter the amount, he would take small amount and large amounts. For all we know he could have been doing this for years before being caught, likely being tipped off from the complaints of inmates. This crime was uncovered when the sheriffs department noticed discrepancies regarding small amounts of cash not being deposited into the respective accounts. Allan Cooker’s crime is a felony that could put him in jail for up to ten years, a fitting punishment for someone who would steal from the less fortunate already in jail. Once he began the disciplinary process Allan Cooker resigned. While it’s good to see crimes against the less fortunate not go unpunished, there are countless more instances of injustice still going on in the world.

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