Inmate Health Plans

Jails can be confronted with the issue of meeting new standards of inmate care while maintaining a budget, as is illustrated in an article from the Sheriff’s Department of Richland County, Wisconsin. On the other hand, inmates and their loved ones are confronted with the worry that there is assurance of reliable healthcare available at their particular location. In the case of the Richland County Jail, there was a transition to a specialized private inmate care provider.

A one-year contract was given to Advanced Correctional Healthcare in the case of Richland County, Wisconsin. “They say they are able to provide more jail doctor and jail nurse hours at a jail facility at a far lower cost as well as providing 24/7 jail doctor consultations to the jail staff. They say they are able to provide medications at discount prices which is included in their fees and they are heavily insured and provide their own liability insurance.” This brings up a very important aspect, one that is often not considered at first glance.

You want to know that the people you care so much about are being taken care of well, while incarcerated. Things can escalate quickly, and regardless of which, health is always most important. Moreover, you want to know that you can receive calls from jail and that you can call prison in order to always be informed. Globaltel has a jail calling service that gives you that opportunity. There are limited methods of communication available and inmate calling can keep you informed quicker then a letter, while visitation is also not always possible for some. One this is certain, reliable healthcare and communication in jail or prison are necessary.