Postcard Controversy

There has been much controversy over prisons mandating that the only form of written correspondence allowed for family and friends is a postcard. The prisons are saying that it cuts down on contraband getting in. Families and friends are saying that it is not fair and hinders their prison connect opportunity.

Prisonpolicy.org is just one example of many that describe the battle. The article describes how postcards limit expression and communication as everyone can read them. Perhaps, this will have to wait for during prison phone calls or visits. Additionally, postcards are more expensive than communicating through a letter and many could use the difference in cost for necessities like food. An interesting excerpt shows this in the following: “Using standard United States Postal Service rates, I found that every $0.01 of postage covered 134 words written on double-sided letter-sized writing pad paper. On a postcard, the same $0.01 pays for only four words.” Moreover, as exemplified within the article, people with special conditions like arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome may be unable to use this method in general.

Some locations have actually overturned this rule due to infringement on free speech. This certainly does seem to be an issue. How are inmates supposed to keep their morale high and successfully re-integrate with such limitations? Communication can get across quicker through inmate call solutions. Globaltel, a provider of discount inmate phone calls, does not limit you to what can be written on a postcard. Jail and prison communication is vital, and so is the ability to affordably do so without limitations on speech and expression.




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