Jail and Prison Visitation Hurdles

Visiting a loved one in jail or prison isn’t necessarily an easy task. The jail and prison communication is vital to both the incarcerated and the loved one, but doing so in person comes with many inconveniences. These inconveniences are limiting one’s ability to visit, and only making it harder on both sides.

Many people live very far from the jail or prison they are trying to visit, with some driving long distances and some having to take flights. The Federal Bureau of Prisons has some of these limitations listed under their “general visitation information”, including preapproval, clothing limitations, belongings allowed in, visiting hours, physical contact rules, and behavior. Additional guidelines can include pat downs, metal detectors, lockers, arriving 30 minutes early, the number of people allowed, and the location in the building. Even once you get to a jail or prison, there are complaints that you can barely hear the other person.

This all amounts to a lot of time and some have trouble finding this time, while others aren’t happy with the process and associated inconveniences. The underlying message is that the communication is necessary. Whether you are close or far, hate the process or are impartial, picking up the phone remains an option. GlobalTel, not to be confused with Global Tell, can keep this vital communication going through its inmate calling solutions. Nothing compares to being there with someone, but inmate telephone calls can keep that connection on a constant basis for when you are not able to be there.




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