Jail and Prison Video Conference Issue

Many prisons and jails are now using video systems for visitation. One main reason behind this is that it is lest costly for the prisons. A recent NBC article describes how prisons are saving money on staffing and how it provides many benefits; however, many people believe that it is only isolating loved ones and making it harder.

The NBC article explains that these video visitations can cost 20 dollars for a 20-minute visitation. The problem lies within the technology and cost. Many families find this to be a burden because it is so expensive. The article goes on to explain that slow internet connections can be a problem and that there can even be audio and video interruptions within the prison. This might make some wonder why families don’t just look for inmate call savings.

Video conferencing is getting criticism for being impersonal, expensive, and inefficient. It would seem that it would be more affordable and effective to stick with “inmate calling” to get ahold of your loved one in prison or in jail through the GlobalTel jail calling service. Inmate telephone services would seem to be more reliable and affordable as the video visitation is getting criticized, the associated technology and costs just don’t seem to be where people need them to be.




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